Upcoming Projects

4-9s.com - know when it's happening, why & what to do
-Modern alerting for operations.
-Integration with Datadog, New Relic, Sensu, Prometheus & Grafana monitoring systems.
-Customized alerts based on specific texts or emails received.
-Integration with elasticsearch & sallit for querying real-time metrics, logs & documentation.
-Integration with Rundeck to provide easy runbook execution.
-Coming soon for iOS and Android.

sallit.io - complete, convenient access to your full knowledge base
-Search your entire knowledge base of info.
-This includes log files, confluence, code repos, db backups, local files, bookmarks, lists of urls, evernote, pocket, manpages & google all in one place.
-Saved search history to pull up or modify old searches.
-Search history syncs across devices.
-Can choose to archive your search content to allow for offline searching as well as personal backups.

Open Source Projects

lab.ci - automate infrastructure code testing + workflows
-Test your infrastructure code on vagrant or docker before
deploying to aws or gcp.
-Easily setup common tools for automation server,
config management, infrastructure as code + load testing.
-Deploy to production with confidence.
-Learn in a safe, comfortable, easy to spin up environment.